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The Story of Bach & Schubert with Notebooking Pages

Read and notebook about the life one of the world's greatest men of music - Bach.


What's in the ebook?

This 14 page ebook has been prepared to inspire young students as they study the life and works of a master composer.

Included in this small ebook we have

  1. The life story of the composer from The World's Great Men of Music by Harriet Browner 1922.
  2. A few facts about the composer
  3. List of some of famous compositions.
  4. Notebooking page and pictures.

This historical 'living book' narrative is an ideal read aloud for children.

We have also made it user friendly for more confident readers with slightly larger text.

This is suitable for Charlotte Mason, Classical and eclectic homeschoolers.

Here is a excerpt from this living book written for children.

"Away back in 1685, one of the greatest musicians of the world first saw the light, in the little town of Eisenach, nestling on the edge of the Thuringen forest. The long low-roofed cottage where little Johann Sebastian Bach was born, is still standing, and carefully preserved.

The name Bach belonged to a long race of musicians, who strove to elevate the growing art of music. For nearly two hundred years there had been organists and composers in the family; Sebastian's father, Johann Ambrosius Bach was organist of the Lutheran Church in Eisenach, and naturally a love of music was fostered in the home. It is no wonder that little Sebastian should have shown a fondness for music almost from infancy. "

Bach's family

The Story of Bach Free Download

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