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Any Novel Novel Guide

A study guide that can be used for ANY novel

Perfect for Australian and New Zealand Literature Study

Any Novel Novel Guide

When I first saw this resource I was so excited! Finally something I could use to do a literature study of Australian and New Zealand novels.

It is such a practical, useful and reasonably priced resource that I was sure you would all want to have one. So, I asked Sheila if we could sell it Downunder and thankfully she agreed.

This resource is aimed at students aged 11-17years old. It is to be done over a four week period. The study is self directed but it also has a teacher's guide and marking tool.

All this for only $15.95

"I bought the Any Novel Study Guide from you at the beginning of the year and have found it very useful for my 12 year old to make the transition from straight narrations to more critical thinking/writing. Thanks for making it available :)" Melissa Homeschool Mum

Sheila Wray Gregory

Here are some Australian and New Zealand novel suggestions.

From the Author

Hi! My name is Sheila Wray Gregoire, and I homeschool my two daughters, 14 and 11. And I love to read!

And I wanted my children to love novels, too. But in my homeschooling we weren't incorporating as many novels as we could because I could never get the study guides in time!

Or sometimes I'd want to read a novel with the girls, but I couldn't find a study guide that was written for it. So we'd skip some of my favourite books.

But that wasn't good enough! And now I've developed a totally new way of studying novels that will save you time, money, and stress!

Whenever I speak at homeschooling conferences, parents ask me, "how can we use more great novels in our curriculum?"

And for a while I was stumped. I, too, was tired of spending hundreds of dollars on novel studies, or looking fruitlessly for studies that just didn't exist. I was tired of ignoring novels because I didn't know what to do them.

But I'm a writer. And I love books. And so I decided to do something about it!.

I Knew There Had to Be a Better Way!

So I took matters into my own hands and wrote my own study guide that can be used for any novel! It's now available as an e-book download, in .pdf format!

Announcing the Any Novel Novel Study Guide!

Any Novel Novel Guide

Any Novel Novel Guide ebook only $15.95

You'll receive a link to your .pdf download immediately!

I wanted to create the easiest to use, best novel study guide you could buy that would give you maximum flexibility and maximum educational benefits! I wanted to create the easiest to use, best novel study guide you could buy that would give you maximum flexibility and maximum educational benefits!

    • Could be used for any novel.
    • Was flexible enough to work with any age group, from grades 6-12.
    • Took into account different learning styles and preferences.
    • Taught students how to really analyse novels, characters, themes and plots.
In this unique study guide, I teach students how to analyzer novels while appealing to their own ways of learning and their own preferences in novels!

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars over the school years of a student, spend less than $20--forever!
Instead of being limited to novels with study guides, study any novel you--or your child--want!
Instead of having to wait for the study guide to arrive, begin your novel study on a whim!
Instead of limiting your child's learning to one novel, teach them how to analyzer ANY novel!
Instead of having to buy different curricula for different age groups, find one that works with everybody!
Instead of trying to find curricula to suit different learning styles, find one that offers different options for children to choose from!

What Can This Guide Do For You?

      • It can save you a lot of money
      • It can save you a lot of time
      • It can help your children learn more effectively about the different elements of a novel.


Any Novel Novel Guide ebook only $15.95

This is a .pdf document that you download. Nothing is mailed. You receive it IMMEDIATELY!

What Does the Any Novel Novel Study Guide Include?

  • Chapter by Chapter Exercises

  • Vocabulary

  • Theme Sheets

  • Step-by-Step guides to analysing Themes, Plots and Characters

  • Weekly Projects

  • All to be completed in a four-week cycle! Analyzer eight novels a year easily using this study guide!

Click here to see 2 sample pages, featuring 4 out of 6 optional activities for one of the project days!

"But Sheila," you say. "My child hates to write!"

Never fear. I have a child like that, too. And that's why my novel study also includes: